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  • The experience is real! - BBIN

    The experience is real!

    Live Casino

    The greatest variety of 24-hour livestreaming video products in Asia. With crystal clear live footages provided for Baccarat, Texas poker, Wenzhou 9 card, roulette, fantan, Sic Bo, as well as a variety of other popular products, online players can enjoy the most immediate and fair game play wherever they are; as if they are really there. In addition, BBIN provides competition rooms, multiple betting placements, and other product options, adding more diverse ways to place your bets and providing trustworthy services.
  • Because you are special - BBIN

    Because you are special


    BB VIP and BID is designed according to international casinos specifications. Attractive dealers are selected to provide players with the exclusive quality of service you would get if you were playing in a casino at a high roller's table. In BB VIP, all you have to do is click to instantly access and enjoy all the VIP Room functions, such as Private Table, Reserve Table, Peek Card, Side Bet, Skip, Change Dealer and Dealing Shoe for each player. In BB BID, players have the right to peek cards and roll dice with the highest bet amount in each round in BID and Sic Bo BID. Just let you feel like in a real casino.
  • Simply the best - BBIN

    Simply the best


    BB MULTIBET and BB LIVE offer the finest online casino service. We create a perfect visual experience through our HD gaming interface. Variety selections of games are provided .Players can enjoy the instant gaming products limitless space and place.
More than 100 Games to choose from - BBIN

More than 100 Games to choose from

Casino Games

BBIN provides more than one hundred casino games, including Slot Machines, Table Games, Arcade Games and Scratch Cards. Multi-battle games have been developed more progressively in recent years. We hope to provide you the best entertainment by enhancing user interaction experience, and providing superior visual effects. With the four-layer jackpot and the interesting bonus games, creative characters with different styles in combination with current events and festivals, BBIN wants to give you a unique game-playing experience.
Creative BB games! - BBIN

Creative BB games!

BB Luck

BBIN has been devoted to the development of a variety of BB Luck games. Quality upgrade with innovative tech has successfully applied on BB Luck products. HTML5 is used in conjunction with waterfall model on the Interface, which all products would be viewed in one webpage. The latest results of 24 products are clear in this player-friendly user interface. BB Luck products not only include BB Running and BB PK3, which are researched and developed independently, but different products like 10 10 ball and Happy 10 from other countries .Satisfy the various needs of players.
More than 30,000 sporting events to bet on - BBIN

More than 30,000 sporting events to bet on


Betting on more than 30,000 organized sports around the world is provided every month. BBIN offers the opportunity to bet on multiple sports including major soccer, baseball, basketball and football games throughout the world. Our professional information management team provides the most accurate real-time game results and 24 hours online betting services to supply Asian, Europe,Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malaysian odds formats from which players can choose

Enjoy a Casino experience anytime, anywhere. - BBIN

Enjoy a Casino experience anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Casino

BBIN has developed mobile devices since 2012. In order to satisfy the constantly changing needs of players, BBIN Game Zone was officially launched in 2016. Our gaming products are all collected and provided with the best entertaining service through user-friendly interface. More functions are offered such as Online Payment, Bank Transfer, Trans Credit, Online Service and Member Center. Always give players the latest information and exclusive entertainment.

If you are interested in launching an online gaming site using our products or service, please complete the form below and our sales team will be in touch to discuss your interest.

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